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What to do if Your Child is Arrested

No parent ever plans to receive that call, but it happens to thousands of parents in the United States each year. You receive a call informing you that your child has been arrested. Instantly, you are overwhelmed with what to do – this is normal. Most individuals are not aware of what steps to take immediately after their child’s arrest. But, the actions you take could make a difference. Steps Read More

Key Facts to Know About the Insanity Defense

The “insanity” defense is widely used in TV dramas and is popular among court cases shown in local and national news. While it seems like a quick way to get away with a crime, claiming insanity as a defense is much more complex – and unrealistic – than people realize. One accused of a crime may acknowledge that he committed the crime, but argues that he is not responsible for Read More

Finding the Best DUI Attorney in Florida

When you are looking for a DUI attorney in Florida, you will most likely speak with a few attorneys before picking one to represent you. Consultations, which are typically free, are the best way to get to know a prospective attorney – and to decide if he or she is the right fit for your case. The best and most qualified attorneys will always welcome and appreciate client questions. It Read More

How a Domestic Violence Arrest Works in Florida

In Florida, there is a criminal process that must be followed in all cases – including domestic violence. If you are accused of domestic violence, a state attorney may charge you with an accusation of crime using one of two ways: Filing and information, or Impaneling a grand jury to return a true bill. What is important to realize is that if you are arrested, law enforcement is not in Read More

How Much Will I Pay for a DUI in Florida?

If you are charged with a DUI in Florida, you not only face jail time, but may face penalties, attorney’s fees or fines. Determining the cost of your own DUI will depend on numerous factors – especially if you are facing subsequent charges in addition to the DUI. The costs will also vary depending on the caliber of attorney you hire, and whether or not he or she can negotiate Read More

Searches and Seizures: Police Do Have Limits

In the United States, you are entitled to your privacy. You are also entitled to protections from government intrusions, but there are limits to such privacies. State and federal officers are allowed to search your premise, car and other property in order to obtain illegal items or evidence of a crime. However, they must follow specific rules when exercising this right. What Police Are Allowed to Do Under the Fourth Read More

What Is “Double Jeopardy” and When Does It Apply?

The double jeopardy protection is spelled out in the United States Constitution. It protects a defendant from being charged with the same crime more than once – but there are exceptions to this rule. Not all cases qualify for double jeopardy and there are instances where a person can be charged with the same crime even after they have been acquitted the first time. Therefore, it is important that you Read More

What Does It Mean to Invoke Your Right to Counsel?

It says it in the Miranda Warning: you have the right to remain silent and you have the right to an attorney. This warning is a staple in police shows on television, but it is also something that is said in real life to inform a suspect or individual being arrested of their rights. If you are being arrested, you do not have to speak to the officers and you Read More

Understanding the Classifications of Drugs – and How They Affect Your Case

Under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), there are classifications for drugs in the United States comprised of five schedules. These schedules are based on the potential for abuse and if the drug has been accepted for medical purposes or not. Each schedule is governed by different rules regarding the sale, possession, use and production of those drugs in that schedule. The punishment will depend on the schedule of the drug. Read More

Where Do Guns Used in Crimes Come From?

You have seen plenty on the news these days regarding guns used in violent crimes and politicians questioning gun control. But, no one seems to address just where these guns used in crimes come from. As far as the state is concerned, more guns mean more crime. Some states are already taking action (according to a recent Washington Post article) to enact stricter gun control laws to limit how guns Read More