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When you are looking for a DUI attorney in Florida, you will most likely speak with a few attorneys before picking one to represent you. Consultations, which are typically free, are the best way to get to know a prospective attorney – and to decide if he or she is the right fit for your case. The best and most qualified attorneys will always welcome and appreciate client questions. It is important to remember that while you are interviewing the attorney, he is also interviewing you, since he will need to decide if he can take the case.

To get the most out of your consultation and ensure that you’re hiring the best DUI attorney, you need to know which questions to ask. This way, you can make an informed, calculated decision.

Questions to Ask When Narrowing Down Your Choices

These questions will help you to narrow down your choices and pick the right attorney for your case:

  1. How many years have you been in practice? This is very important. Newer attorneys do not always know the tactics of state attorneys when prosecuting DUI cases. You want an attorney who has several years of experience – more specifically, several years defending DUI cases.
  2. How much experience do you have with DUI cases? An attorney with 20 years of experience may not have 20 years of DUI defense experience. Some attorneys just dabble in DUI defenses to earn a little extra for the year. You want to know how competent the attorney is in DUI offenses specifically, and how many years, as well as the number of successful cases, he or she possesses in this area.
  3. Do you have experience with a case like mine? Every case is different and there are circumstances that will make your case unique. You want to know if your prospective attorney has had experience with cases that are similar to yours in order to do the job right.
  4. Who will be handling my case? This is critical. When you deal with larger firms, you may meet with a named partner in the firm, but that named partner may not be the person you actually have handling your case. Often, cases are handed off to other attorneys in the office, with the majority of your communications handled through a paralegal, rather than your attorney. Knowing who you will interact with, as well as who will represent you in court, is very important.
  5. What do you predict for my case? While no attorney can predict the future, a good attorney will be honest and upfront about what to expect in your case. He or she can give you an idea of what penalties you are likely to encounter and which negotiations are reasonable. This is very important to ask, because any attorney who cannot give you an honest expectation may not be an attorney you want representing your claim.

Speak with a Florida DUI Defense Attorney Today

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Florida, contact The Law Office of Timothy Armstrong, P.A. We can assist you with your case and give you the opportunity to meet with an attorney through a no-obligation consultation. Call now at 904-356-8618 or fill out our online contact form with your questions.

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When you are looking for a DUI attorney in Florida, you will most likely speak with a few attorneys before picking one to represent you. Consultations, which are typically free, are the best way to get to know a prospective attorney – and to decide if he or she is the right fit for your case. The best and most qualified attorneys will always welcome and appreciate client questions. It Read More

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