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Domestic ViolenceWhen emotional confrontations get out of control, the situation can turn violent. Oftentimes these situations can involve domestic partners, elderly persons, children or other family members. When the situation has escalated to the point where you’ve committed an assault against another individual or you’ve been charged with an assault against another person inside the home, you need an attorney who will help you through this legal battle.

The Challenges of Florida Domestic Violence Laws

When you find yourself on the other side of the law with domestic violence charges, the state of Florida’s legal system can be difficult to navigate. As a result, charges could remain on your record for a long time. This situation is likely to occur if substantial evidence has been discovered and your case has been prosecuted. However, if there are discrepancies in your case that could assist in the dismissal of charges brought against you, a domestic violence attorney can represent you to ensure that your case is properly reviewed.

How a Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help You

You’re probably wondering how a domestic lawyer can help you clear your record particularly if you’ve been found guilty of assault and battery. You may have tried to file a motion to have your case reviewed again but haven’t been successful on your own. Despite these challenges, you can acquire legal assistance from a domestic violence attorney who is familiar with the litigation process of domestic violence cases. Many clients have relied on the expertise of criminal defense attorney Tim Armstrong in these areas:

  • Array/fighting – This type of violence is reviewed according to municipality code or county laws.
  • Child abuse – This area of abuse relates to a child’s physical and mental injuries inflicted by an adult.
  • Domestic battery – This type of domestic violence is a serious crime under Florida’s law.
  • Simple battery – This area of domestic violence pertains to the intentional and harming of another person.
  • Spousal abuse – This type of abuse can occur between two parties and needs to be thoroughly evaluated.

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