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criminal defense attorneyWhen facing criminal charges in Florida, you need an experienced and aggressive defense attorney on your side. But, how do you choose the best lawyer for your case? Here are some suggestions for things to look for in your criminal defense attorney.

  1. A Long Record of Successful Criminal Defense

When you are choosing a criminal defense lawyer, you want someone who has been there before. While this may be your first time in court, that shouldn’t be the case for your lawyer. Ideally, your attorney will have defended thousands of cases involving a wide variety of different types of crimes. Not only does this level of experience provide deep insight into the defenses that are available, but it also brings familiarity with the judges and prosecutors who might be involved in your case.

  1. Broad Legal Experience

While some lawyers have focused their entire careers exclusively on criminal defense, we believe that there is significant value in bringing broader experience to the table. At The Law Office of Timothy Armstrong, P.A., we have vast experience defending clients against criminal charges, but we also have experience fighting for injury victims and even defending major corporations in high-stakes litigation. This broad experience allows us to see your case from all angles and develop comprehensive strategies for protecting your freedom.

  1. Knowledgeable About the Law

The best criminal defense lawyers are deeply knowledgeable about the law. Defending criminal charges requires a thorough understanding of:

  • The elements of each crime under Florida law
  • Negotiation strategies
  • The full and partial defenses available
  • The procedural aspects of criminal litigation
  • Clients’ Constitutional rights
  • Recent case decisions
  • A host of other issues that can affect the outcome of a criminal case
  1. Willing to Fight

Of course, all the knowledge in the world will be useless if your lawyer is not willing to stand up and fight on your behalf. Prosecutors get paid to get convictions. While the prosecution has the burden of proof, you need someone on your side who isn’t afraid to use all of the tools available to make sure that you receive a fair trial.

  1. A Passion for Justice

On that same token, you need a lawyer who is passionate about seeking justice for his clients. Some lawyers like to bill hours, some like to pontificate on complicated legal principles, and some like to win. If you are facing steep fines, probation, jail time, and the life-changing consequences of a criminal conviction, you need a defense lawyer whose first priority is making sure that justice is served.

Contact Criminal Defense Attorney Tim Armstrong

Attorney Tim Armstrong has more than fifteen years of legal experience and has defended more than 1,500 clients in the Florida courts. If you are facing criminal charges in the Jacksonville, FL area, Tim can help. Call (904) 356-8618 or contact Tim online today for a free case evaluation.