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Experienced, Dedicated and Accessible Jacksonville, Florida Car Accident Attorney

Automobile accidents can have a devastating effect on your family, health, and finances. It is very important that you hire an experienced and dedicated law firm when litigating against a negligent driver and his or her insurance company. Founding partner, Timothy Armstrong, is a former insurance defense attorney who knows the tricks and tactics of large insurance carriers. At our law firm we will use our skill and experience to go after the at-fault driver and get you the maximum compensation you may be entitled to under the law. Similarly, we find comfort in providing effective and compassionate service to all of our clients. To that end our law firm strives to make you feel welcome and comfortable from the moment you first contact us.

See the difference an experienced Jacksonville car accident lawyer can make in your life. Your case evaluation is always free and confidential and all cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. Things really can get better. Let us help.

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In the early stages of your case, the firm is often able to have your own insurance pay for some, or all, of your lost wages and medical expenses, even before we settle or get a judgment in your larger bodily injury claim. This is done with your own personal injury protection (“PIP”) coverage that is mandated by law in the State of Florida. It is important to remember that you must file for personal injury protection (“PIP”) benefits within fourteen days of your accident. Our staff can assist you in getting to a doctor fast and getting the PIP benefits paid shortly after the accident. The insurance laws in Florida are constantly changing given the powerful insurance lobby within our state. At our firm, we stay up to date on the law and potential changes in legislation that we know will be coming down the pipeline in due course. Our tenacity in keeping up with potential new law changes is matched only by the dedication and service we provide to our clients on a daily basis. As an experienced Jacksonville, Florida automobile accident law firm, we understand the importance of obtaining PIP benefits to assist you when you are unable to work and pay for your medical bills

How Can a Jacksonville, Florida Automobile Accident Attorney Help Me with My Case?

The at-fault driver and his or her insurance company may also be liable for all of your damages from a motor vehicle accident. Damages generally include: past medical expenses, cost of future medical expenses, past lost wages, const of future lost wages, rehabilitation, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering. In some cases the level of negligence may rise to what is called “gross negligence” and punitive damages may be applied for and potentially awarded. The law on damages is complex and it takes an experienced legal team to help you navigate through all the minefields that may be laid in your path to recovery. Understandably, it is very important to have an experienced Jacksonville, Florida automobile accident lawyer and law firm who can properly evaluate your legal damages in order to seek maximum damages from the liable driver and his or her insurance carrier.

Can My Own Insurance Carrier Potentially Help Me?

Many times the negligent driver will not have any, or enough, bodily injury insurance to pay for all of your past and future medical expenses. To make matters worse, we often see many at-fault drivers who fail to carry even the minimum amount of motor vehicle insurance mandated by state law. In this scenario, relief may come in the form of your own insurance. When you purchased you motor vehicle insurance you were given the chance to buy additional uninsured motorist (“UM”) and/or underinsured motorist (“UIM”) coverage. Going forward, it is always recommended that any individual arm themselves by purchasing this additional coverage. If you did purchase this insurance, it may be available to you in the event the negligent driver did not have any, or enough, insurance coverage to make you whole following your automobile accident. As experienced Jacksonville, Florida car accident attorneys, we understand the ins-and-outs of insurance coverage. Let our entire firm use our knowledge in this area of law to assist you with your claim. Contact us so we can start helping you today. Call or email us today if you need an experienced and dedicated Jacksonville car accident lawyer in Jacksonville, Florida, or the surrounding counties of northeast Florida. At our firm you will not be pushed into the office of a case manager or paralegal. You will meet directly with an experienced Jacksonville, Florida car crash attorney who will bear primary responsibility for your case from inception through conclusion. Our staff goes to great lengths to ensure you feel you are part of a team and this law firm. We would love to talk with you about your case and your injuries. And please remember, the consultation and case evaluation is always free.

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