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Automobile Crash Statistics

People spend a significant amount of time in their car, truck, or SUV. Unfortunately, most will be involved in some type of car incident in their lifetime. The following national statistics include any accident, in which a motor vehicle was involved, and affected drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, or pedestrians. One person dies in a car accident every 12 minutes, and the majority of fatalities occurred when weather

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conditions were normal and during daylight hours. The financial trouble that people suffer due to motor vehicle wrecks has also been estimated to be over $230 billion. Many time, it is up to the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier to compensate the victims of their own insured’s negligence. dealing with insurance companies when it comes to claims, settlement, or a lawsuit should not be handled by the inexperienced. As a former insurance defense litigator, I previously defended large insurance carriers and their negligent insured’s in serious cases. Our law firm now uses this experience to assist accident victims when they are injured. If you find yourself the victim of another driver’s negligence, contact an experienced car accident attorney in Jacksonville, Florida for a free consultation.

In 2009, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported the number of car crashes in the United States was over 5 million. Approximately 3 million serious injuries and 34,000 deaths were the result of these motor vehicle crashes. Regardless of new laws and education, car wrecks are the most likely cause of death for people age 40 and under. Characteristics that influence driver death rates are body style, size, type and weight. The type of motor vehicle,combined with the speed and nature of the collision, also play an important factor for driver death rates.

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Driver distraction is currently the leading cause for motor vehicle wrecks and collisions. Whether it is talking to passengers, adjusting the radio, eating, drinking, or using a cell phone, the national statistics bear out the dangers of not paying attention while driving. Similarly, fatal crashes usually involve drivers and passengers not wearing a seatbelt, speeding, driving too fast for road conditions, or driving while intoxicated. Teenage driver incident statistics are 30 percent higher than adult crash statistics. Many of the motor vehicle wrecks involving teenagers are caused by racing, distractions, or just not paying attention to the road. Call us if you need to talk to a skilled and tenacious Jacksonville, Florida car accident lawyer about you potential claim. The phone call is and consultation is always free.

Of all motor vehicles crashes, approximately thirty percent are rear impacts, twenty-nine percent are side or angle impacts, sixteen percent are collisions with immobile objects, five percent involve accidents with animals, two percent of crashes involve rollovers, and two percent of wrecks are head-on collisions. For fatalities, the statistics reveal that ten percent of fatal car accidents were the result of head-on collisions, while six percent of mortalities involve crashes with rear impacts. The statistics further show that twenty percent of motor vehicle deaths are caused by side or angle impacts and almost thirty-two percent of fatalities were due to collisions with stationary structures. Eleven percent of mortalities involve rollovers while collisions with animals cause less than one percent of traffic deaths. Collisions with pedestrians and bicyclists account for almost fourteen percent of fatalities. From 2009 to 2010, the number of motor vehicle deaths fortunately decreased with use of child restraints, frontal air bags, and motorcycle helmets. As an experienced litigator I can help injury victims obtain compensation from those legally liable to pay for expenses including hospital bills, future medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering damages.

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