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In the State of Florida custody and visitation are now collectively referred to as “time sharing”. Pursuant to a 2008 change in the law, time sharing is the mechanism that determines which parent will have legal and physical control or custody of the child involved. Similarly, the law now requires that the parents of a child come up with a time sharing plan that outlines the duties, custody, and control of the child that each parent will have. If the parents are unable to come up with a mutually agreeable plan then their differences may be litigated in a Court of law where a Judge will make the final determination of these contested issues. In other words, where the parties cannot agree upon an acceptable time sharing plan the Court may have to make the final determination of that plan.


Our law firm is committed to representing parents who seek to maximize the time they have with their children. Our attorneys and staff will do everything to see that the goals of our client are met when it comes to the sensitive issues surrounding time sharing. From the moment you speak to my staff you will realize that you are contacting a firm with a warm and inviting demeanor. At the same time we strive to be an aggressive advocate for all of my clients while treating each client with the respect and compassion they deserve. While this may be a difficult time for you it is imperative you protect all of your rights less you may have those very rights infringed upon.

At its core visitation simply means the amount of time you will spend with your child or children based upon a Court order and agreement between the parties. Many times the parents of a child can work out their differences through negotiation and come up with a stipulated time sharing plan that works for them both that is in the best interest of the child. Many times this negotiation process can take months as the attorneys on both sides work out a position acceptable to the parties. In other instances the parents are deadlocked and cannot agree, or will not agree, on an overall time sharing plan and chose to litigate the matter before a north Florida Court. When this happens the matter goes to a formal hearing presided over by a Judge or Magistrate who will ultimately determine visitation and custody rights, now called time sharing, of the parties. It is important to remember an experienced Jacksonville custody lawyer can help you answer the questions you may have regarding your legal rights.

Whether one decides to litigate their rights in the judiciary is ultimately up to the client after a full consultation. To that end we will go over the facts of your case and answer any and all questions you have before making that important determination. It is also important to remember that we will provide zealous representation for you throughout your entire family law case. Here you will get big firm experience in a small firm environment.


No legal matter is too large or small for our law firm. We stand ready to assist you during this time in your life. Protect all of your rights by choosing an experienced legal practice for your representation. Contact us in the email dialogue box or by calling the firm directly at 904-356-8618. Let us answer your visitation questions today.