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Experienced Northeast, Florida Representation for Personal Injury Cases

personalinjuryIf you have been injured in any form of accident call our office first for a free and confidential consultation. Gain comfort from the fact you have an experienced former insurance defense attorney who will be primarily handling your case from inception to conclusion. We know what makes the insurance carriers tick and will use our experience to get you the most compensation you may be entitled to under the law and facts of your case. At The Law Office of Timothy Armstrong, P.A., you are not just a number or another client. Here you are treated with the respect and compassion you deserve. Our entire staff will fight to get you the maximum compensation you may be entitled to under the law. See the difference that personal, warm, and aggressive representation can make in your life. Things can get better. Let us help.

As experienced litigators, we will answer all of your questions and keep you updated on your case. Our philosophy is to guide all clients through the litigation process thoroughly while providing clients with the highest level of legal representation. 

All of the firms negligence cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay nothing up front and our fee comes from a portion of your settlement or verdict if either is recovered. Contact us first if you need an experienced Jacksonville, Florida personal injury lawyer to fight for all of your rights under the law. We proudly represent clients in Jacksonville and the surrounding counties of northeast Florida.

How Can a Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney Help Me with My Case?

Let a Former Insurance
Defense Attorney Fight Hard
for the Compensation you
May Be Entitled to Under the

At The Law Office of Timothy Armstrong, P.A., we have the experience and resources to prosecute your Florida personal injury claim against the negligent person, corporation, and insurance carrier. The insurance companies will hire attorneys to diligently defend their negligent insured’s and/or corporations. Therefore, it is very important that you hire an experienced litigator to protect your interests and legal claim. Specifically, you should hire a former insurance defense attorney who knows the tricks and tactics the large insurance carriers will use when defending their negligent insured’s. We put our skill and experience to work for you on day one. We will gather all the accident reports, medical reports, and witness statements early on in your case. This is a crucial step in any case as witness memories tend to fade with time. Whatever is missing in the litigation puzzle may be filled in with facts gathered by one of our contracted private investigation firms. Once all of the critical information and evidence is gathered about your case we will then proceed to settle or litigate your case on your behalf. We love fighting hard for our clients and would like to help you with your legal matter.

What Should You Expect From Our Firm

As a client of the firm, you will meet with an attorney and be in contact with an experienced Jacksonville, Florida personal injury lawyer throughout your entire case. It is also very important that your legal counsel possess the skill, experience, and stamina to deal with the insurance companies. Similarly, it is very important that you hire a Jacksonville trial attorney that knows and understands all of the legitimate, and non-legitimate, defenses the insurance companies will raise when defending their insured. Timothy Armstrong, founding partner of the firm, was previously an insurance defense attorney for three of the largest insurance companies in the United States. Mr. Armstrong, and other staff members of the firm, knows the tactics, tricks, and strategies the insurance companies will likely use when representing their negligent defendants/insured’s. Our entire firm will make you feel comfortable from day one and will do everything to assist you during this difficult time in your life.

As a law firm, we are accessible to all of our clients. To that end, we keep our case count low to ensure our firm resources are used to benefit current clients with their pending claims. Our Jacksonville, Florida personal injury and accident law firm is accessible to our clients and will keep you updated and informed on your case from start to finish.

We represent personal injury clients throughout the entire State of Florida. Below is an those individuals accountable informational list of the personal injury cases we litigate and prosecute most often: