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Experienced Northeast, Florida Representation for Construction Accident Cases

Over the years we have represented construction workers who were injured when the general and/or subcontractor failed to follow a standard of care prescribed by the law. In many instances, the contractor and/or subcontractor failed to follow OSHA safety standards that ultimately put its workers in harms way. This form of negligence is called “negligence per se.” An experienced Florida construction accident lawyer can sort out the facts of your case and proceed against the negligent parties.

Many times the contractor will purchase a builder’s liability policy that may cover your damages for injuries you received on the construction site. The construction company, builder, and insurance company may be responsible for your damages suffered as a result of the contractors or builders negligence. Often, these damages can take a devastating toll on the injured construction worker as he or she has become accustomed to using his or her skill and physical labor to earn a good living. When the injured construction worker is no longer able to use his or her physical labor due to the negligence of a contractor the damages can be devastating. The good news is, in addition the general damages, the negligent builder or contractor may also be liable for the retraining of the injured worker.

Construction accident cases are often more difficult to prosecute than other personal injury cases and it is therefore very important that you only hire an experienced Northeast, Florida construction accident attorney. Call or email us today if you need an aggressive and experienced construction accident attorney to handle your claim.

To talk to an experienced construction accident lawyer about your construction accident case, contact the firm online in the dialog box or call us at 904-356-8619 for a free consultation. We want to start helping you today!