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Experienced Northeast, Florida Representation for Premise Liability Cases

Premise Liability: Premise liability cases are generally brought against a negligent business or land owner for their negligent acts or omissions. Many of these cases result from the negligent security and/or supervision of a business that results in a party being injured while on or in the premises. Some examples include: assault and battery in a business or in the businesses parking lot, assault and battery at the hands of one of the businesses employees, or a slip and fall resulting from a business not maintaining its premises correctly.

An experienced Jacksonville, Florida and Northeast, Florida premise liability lawyer can help you when prosecuting this type of claim. We have experience in prosecuting cases against negligent businesses and landowners and will use this experience to get you the maximum compensation you may be entitled to under the law.

Call or email us today if you believe you have been the victim of premise liability through the negligence of a business or property owner. The consultation is always free.

To talk to an experienced premise liability attorney about your potential premise liability case, contact the firm online or call us at 904-356-8618. Let us start helping you today!