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Experienced Northeast, Florida Representation for Truck Accident Victims

Trucking accidents can take a serious toll on your health and finances. Let us put our trucking accident litigation experience to work for you today.

Tractor-trailer accidents, by their very nature, can often lead to severe and traumatic injuries to innocent motorists. Often referred to as eighteen wheelers, big rigs, or semi trucks, most people know one of these large commercial vehicles when they see one on the roadways of Florida. Given their sheer size, any collision with a large commercial vehicle is likely to cause catastrophic, serious, and permanent injuries for any innocent motorist. Unfortunately, many people injured in a trucking accident will have significant past medical bills, future medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. To add insult to injury, many times the commercial vehicle driver, trucking company, and maintenance company who maintained the tractor trailer or commercial vehicle, cut corners in order to circumvent the law or reduce costs.

An Experienced Jacksonville Truck Accident Lawyer May Help

Commercial vehicle collisions are becoming more common every year in the United States due to carrier cost cutting and intense competition within the trucking industry as a whole. These factors, combined with an increase in the total of number of vehicles on the roadways of the United States and Florida, have unfortunately led to a staggering number of deaths and serious injuries resulting from tractor trailer collisions. You may have seen one of these crashes and their devastating consequences while travelling the roadways of our state. This may be due in part to the rising number of big rig accidents over the past decade. Contact us today if you are in need of a truck accident attorney in Jacksonville, Florida.

What We Can Do to Assist You with Your Potential Claim

The first thing we can do to help is use our past experience litigating against the trucking companies and their insurance carriers. Commercial vehicle accidents are different in that both state and federal regulations may overlap and apply to an individual case. By gathering certain facts early on, we are able to find out whether state or federal regulation will apply to the case at hand. Certain things we look for include: These of cases are often more involved that a typical car crash case given the myriad of state and federal rules that govern eighteen wheelers. This is usually good for the victim of a crash given the reporting requirements and monitoring requirements of all trucking companies. Gathering evidence early on is paramount to successfully pursuing a claim. The commercial vehicle company and their insurance carrier, early on, may try to shift the blame of the incident to the truly innocent motorist. Similarly, they may further claim the injuries sustained by the victim were temporary or even preexisting. Therefore, it is important we gather information about the incident early on and preserve all evidence that is relevant to the potential case. Our firm will use its knowledge and resources to quickly look at all of the facts and witness statements relevant to your claim. We start by gathering evidence and investigating certain items: As previously stated, the law that applies to trucking accidents is generally different. Interstate trucking companies and their truck drivers are held to a higher duty of care due to significant and detailed federal regulations. For instance, while automobile accidents generally only trigger state law, tractor trailer crashes often involve overlapping state and federal law. In addition, the size of the truck, number of axles on the tractor trailer, and whether the semi-truck is involved in state-only (“intrastate”) or interstate commerce is an issue that needs to be fully analyzed in order to successfully prosecute a commercial vehicle case. Our firm has experience going after trucking companies and their insurance carriers. Let us use our experience to help you with your potential case.

How to Hire a Jacksonville, Florida Semi-Truck Accident Attorney

Why should you talk to us first? Many personal injury attorneys and law firms only have experience with general car crash litigation and can easily become overwhelmed with the myriad of state and federal laws relevant to these cases. Moreover, the evidence, discovery, and pleadings phase of a commercial carrier lawsuit look a lot different that that of a general automobile negligence lawsuit. The amount of time involved in litigating one of these cases is large and may overwhelm someone without the skill or stamina to take on substantial litigation. At our firm, on the other hand, we like sorting through the evidence and facts and determining liability and damages for the parties involved. Contact us today is you need an experienced truck accident lawyer in Jacksonville. Our firm has the historical experience, tenacity, and knowledge regarding these claims and we will use this knowledge to go after the at-fault driver, company, or insurance carrier in your legal matter. At our firm we understand the significant impact one of these crashes and collisions may have on your life. Call our office today to set up a free consultation and case evaluation. If you are the victim of a tractor trailer collision, call The Law Office of Timothy Armstrong, P.A. for a free case evaluation. We can be reached twenty-four hours a day at 904-356-8618. In the alternative, contact our firm in the email dialogue on this page and tell us about your case. All motor vehicle accident consultations are free. Similarly, if you cannot come to us, we will come to you.