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Manufacturers of semi trucks and truck components have a legal duty to design, manufacture and assemble safe products. Should they fail to meet this duty, they may be liable for injuries caused to a trucking accident victim should a faulty truck or failed truck component be the factual and legal cause of an accident. When a semi-truck or a component on a semi truck fails during transport, an accident could happen with titanic results.

Faulty brake components, tires, hydraulics, coupling systems, hitching systems, locks and load straps are common causes of trucking accidents related to faulty truck components. The manufacturer of the truck and the manufacturer of the faulty component may be liable under the legal theory of product liability. Moreover, if the manufacturer and/or the component manufacturer recalled any of these products but the trucking company did nothing to replace them, the trucking company itself may also be liable [as well] and ultimately responsible for any injuries.

The insurance companies for truck manufacturers and truck components will fight hard to absolve them of any liability. To that end, you will need an attorney who can sort through the legal issues and facts in these complex trucking accident cases. We will work with experts in the field of trucking and component manufacturing to assist in the preparation of your case. Our firm will hold all liable parties, e.g. truck manufacturer, truck component manufacturer, and trucking company, responsible in the prosecution of a product defect case.

If you have been involved in a trucking accident or a commercial vehicle accident call The Law Office of Timothy Armstrong, P.A. first for experienced and compassionate trucking accident representation.

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