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Driving in rain, fog, or even at night presents a challenge for most drivers on the road. Less than perfect weather conditions impact a large eighteen wheeler to a greater extent given its large size and weight. Under the best of conditions the distance it takes to stop a large commercial truck is far greater than the distance required to stop the average size automobile. Moreover, large semi-trucks are far less maneuverable than a standard-sized automobile under the best of conditions.

When the weather conditions turn bad all motorists have a duty to slow down and drive in a safe manner given their surrounding circumstances. This is especially true for a truck driver who is at the helm of a large commercial truck that can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds.

Unfortunately, sometimes a truck driver is negligent due to the fact he or she totally disregards the hazards posed by bad weather conditions. This can, and does, cause many truck accidents and can have a devastating impact on the lives of those injured in such an accident.

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