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In many truck accident cases the truck driver is solely the responsible party for the cause of the accident. In some of these cases the truck driver’s actions go beyond mere negligence and turns into a criminal matter. This is so if the truck driver used illegal narcotics while operating the eighteen wheeler. Similarly, the truck driver may also commit a criminal act if he or she uses prescription medication and drove despite the warnings [to the truck driver] of the adverse effects of the prescription medication on the truck driver.

Likewise, sometimes the truck driver commits a crime by driving his or her commercial vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. Drinking and driving is very dangerous [and illegal] in and of itself. However, this dangerous combination of drinking and driving is only exacerbated when the impaired driver is driving an 80,000 pound tractor trailer.

As stated previously, the truck driver may be required to take a mandatory drug and/or alcohol test following an accident. Should any illegality be found the truck driver, and possibly the trucking company, may be liable for punitive damages.

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