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Recently a state conducted a study to examine the correlation between trucking accidents and defective mechanical parts on eighteen wheelers. Not surprisingly, the results revealed a much higher statistical probability of a truck accident where the truck had poorly maintained or substandard mechanical parts therein.

Another study revealed that a truck is 1.8 times more likely to be involved in a trucking accident when it had improperly maintained or “bad brakes.” The very idea of a semi-truck on the roadways of America with bad brakes is indeed shocking and could lead to disastrous consequences for an unsuspecting motorist.

Many of the truck accidents that do occur in Florida could have been prevented but for the poor maintenance of the commercial vehicle. Many times the trucking company, or independent truck driver, will cut corners and forego truck maintenance in an effort to save money. This negligent behavior is inexcusable and is at the very root of many serious truck accidents that occur daily on the roadways and highways of the United States of America.

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