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Many times the cause of a truck accident or commercial vehicle accident is truck driver fatigue. Trucking companies usually pay truck drivers by the amount of mileage they accrue in a week or month. Therefore, a truck driver who is not driving is a truck driver that is not earning money. This pressure from the trucking companies unfortunately may influence even the best truck driver to drive when he or she clearly knows that sleep deprivation and fatigue have taken over.

This monetary pressure to keep driving obviously means more and more truck drivers are out on the roads driving in an unfit and sleep-deprived state. These factors, and driving a large big rig truck, do not go very well together where safety is concerned. To make matters worse, some truck drivers will take caffeine laden pills or other legal, and illegal, stimulants to keep them driving on the road. This furthers the problem because now you have an already tired truck driver who is also dealing with the potential dangerous side effects of various forms of stimulants. This, of course, can and often does lead to serious and even fatal trucking accidents.

Any time a truck driver has been involved in a trucking accident that causes death or bodily injury they must submit to an alcohol and drug test [very] shortly after the accident. One of our first jobs in a trucking accident case is to get a copy of the lab results from this test. This test will usually tell if there are excessive legal or illegal stimulants and narcotics in the truck driver’s system.

Similarly, it is also important to look at the past history of the truck driver in question. Has this truck driver ever been treated for drugs or alcohol? Has this truck driver failed any drug or alcohol tests in the past? Has the truck driver in question previously been arrested for illegal possession of narcotics or DUI? These are all questions the Law Office of Timothy Armstrong, P.A. will answer when handling your trucking accident case.

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