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Truck drivers and trucking companies are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. These regulations provide comprehensive and [usually] mandatory rules that truckers and trucking companies must follow. These rules are designed and implemented to protect the general public and should be strictly adhered to by both truckers and trucking companies. While there are some exceptions to these rules and regulations all truck drivers and trucking companies must follow the federal regulations if the truck in question travels from state to state.

A sample of primary truck regulations that will apply to most eighteen wheeler lawsuits includes:

Section 391. Qualification of drivers. This rule sets forth the minimum standards required for truck drivers to maintain when driving a big rig or eighteen wheeler. In some instances the trucking company will hire or retain truck drivers who fail to meet the minimum standards of this regulation.

Section 392. Driving of vehicles. This section of the regulation provides for pre and post trip inspections, the physical condition of the driver, and other important standards for the safety of the general travelling public.

Section 393. Necessary safety requirements for the condition of commercial vehicles. This section provides for safety features of the semi truck or commercial vehicle including, but not limited to: brakes, lighting, and warning reflectors.

Section 395. The maximum on duty and driving hours a driver can log in a given time frame. This section mandates the maximum number of hours a truck driver may drive within a certain period before the driver must rest. Many times this section is ignored by the trucker or trucking company in an effort to maximize the amount of time the truck is on the road.

For convenience, please see the link below for a complete list of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations: www.fmcsa.dot.gov.

Florida also has its own rules and regulations that governs truck drivers and trucking companies. The Florida trucking regulations, in large part, mirror the federal regulations in both size and scope. However, there are a few differences between state and federal rules in this area so it is important you hire an attorney experienced in dealing with both sets of laws. An experienced Florida tractor trailer lawyer can help you get the compensation you may be entitled to under the law.

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