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Step-by-step Guide On What To Do After a Truck Accident

Step One – Get Necessary Medical Attention Immediately

Certainly, your first priority following a commercial vehicle accident is to seek quick and timely medical help. While you may not feel injured following the accident, an abundance of caution should be used regarding your body and health. If you have any doubts about your condition, seek EMT or emergency room treatment right away.

Step Two – Do Not Talk to Any Insurance Company or Trucking Company Representative

The trucking insurance carriers and the trucking companies they represent know that most trucking accidents may involve significant injury to person and property. Due to their potential liability, their investigative-response-time to a trucking accident is generally swift. They may try and talk with you quickly after an accident. Do not speak to them. Do not give a written or recorded statement. Their probable motive is to try and use this information against you at a later time in order to insulate them from liability. They may even try and shift blame on the accident victim.

Step Three – Document the Scene

If you are able, be sure to take photographs of the complete accident scene with your cell phone or other form of recording device. In addition, make sure you get a copy of the traffic crash report from an officer at the scene. At very minimum, make sure you get the investigating officer, or officer’s, name or names at the scene. Similarly, talk to any witnesses at the scene who may have witnessed the accident. Make sure to write down their full name, address, and telephone number.

Step Four – Contact The Law Office of Timothy Armstrong, P.A.

First, the consultation is absolutely free. In addition, We take all trucking accident cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay us nothing upfront for our firm to handle your case. If we do not recover money for you then you do not owe the firm anything. If you get a recovery our fees are paid out of a portion of the recovery.

Step Five – Contact the Florida Truck Accident Attorneys at The Law Office of Timothy Armstrong, P.A.

After you have received the medical care you need, your next step should be to contact an experienced Florida trucking accident attorney at the Law Office of Timothy Armstrong, P.A. At our firm you will receive experienced and compassionate legal representation. No question is too small for you to ask. To that end, feel free to contact us twenty four hours a day even if it is to just ask a question. Please remember, all consultations and phone calls are absolutely free. Moreover, if you cannot come to our firm we will gladly come to you.


Please remember the consultation for any trucking accident case is always FREE.

If you have been involved in a trucking accident or commercial vehicle accident call The Law Office of Timothy Armstrong, P.A. first for experienced and compassionate trucking accident representation. We can be reached twenty-four hours a day at 904-356-8618. In the alternative, contact our firm in the email dialogue on this page and tell me about your case. All consultations are FREE. Similarly, if you cannot come to us we will come to you.