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Finding Out Who is at Fault During a Truck Accident

There are many potential liable parties when one is injured in a truck crash. Many times the sole responsibility is on the driver of the truck. Other times, the driver and the trucking company can be held liable together. This is the case, for example, if the driver was somehow unfit to drive and the trucking company that employed him had knowledge of this information but allowed him to drive despite the danger.

Similarly, the company that performed maintenance on the eighteen wheeler or the manufacturer of the truck may also be liable if some form of mechanical defect was the factual and legal cause of the accident. Likewise, if the truck accident was caused by some form of defect with the trailer attached to the truck then the manufacturer of the trailer may also be liable to the injured. In some cases multiple parties may be liable all at once, with varying degree of fault being assigned to each negligent party. An experienced trucking accident lawyer can help you get the compensation you may be entitled to under the law.

It is very important that a proper investigation is completed following a trucking accident so the negligent party, or parties, can be clearly identified. One of the reasons you should hire the Law Office of Timothy Armstrong, P.A. to prosecute your trucking accident case is the experience we have in identifying the negligent parties and the ability we have to identify the cause of the truck crash in the first place. Moreover, your attorney should have the skill and stamina to take on the trucking company and their insurance carrier. We have litigation experience against negligent truck drivers, negligent trucking companies, and the insurance companies that provide coverage for the same.

Examples of potentially liable parties include:

  • The Truck Driver
  • The Trucking Company
  • The Truck Maintenance Company
  • The Company [if separate] that Loaded the Truck
  • The Manufacturer of the Truck or Trailer
  • The Manufacturer of Tires or Components for the Truck

If you have been involved in a trucking accident or a commercial vehicle accident call The Law Office of Timothy Armstrong, P.A. first for experienced and compassionate trucking accident representation. We can be reached twenty-four hours a day at 904-356-8618. In the alternative, contact us in the email dialogue box on this page and tell us about your case. All consultations are FREE. Similarly, if you cannot come to us we will come to you.