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Police officers are naturally intimidating to some; therefore, it is not uncommon to see individuals say something inappropriate or admit to something due to that intimidation. Whether you are being questioned by the police or you have been arrested under suspicion of a crime, there are certain things that you should never say to a police officer. These statements not only give officers probable cause for arrest, but could lead to criminal charges for a crime you did not commit.
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Statements to Never Make to a Police Officer

These statements can provoke police or give them ample cause to arrest you. Therefore, avoid such statements during any encounter with police officers.

  • Insulting the Police – Regardless of the situation, never insult a police officer. There may be tensions present already, but insulting a police officer can give an officer grounds to arrest you – even if there were not any before. Also, police have discretion in the upcoming charges brought against you and how it will develop. They can add charges too, which could change a misdemeanor offense into a felony charge.
  • Do Not Admit to Anything, Including Minor Details – Police officers may question you about a potential crime. They may even skirt around the obvious questions and ask for minor details, such as your whereabouts, your relationship to a crime victim, etc. Do not admit to anything or answer any questions without an attorney present – even minor details. Admitting to small things can still result in an official arrest, even if you are innocent.
  • Do Not Give Permission to Search – If an officer does not have a warrant, they must get your verbal permission to search your home or vehicle. Do not allow the police to intimidate you into giving them permission. You have the right to refuse a search and request that the officers return with a warrant.
  • Do Not Give Police Permission to Re-Enter Your Home With You – If you have been arrested outside of your home, the police officer may offer you an opportunity to go inside your home to freshen up or grab something you have left behind. They do this because they can escort you inside and then search the premises. Do not allow police to re-enter the home; instead, say that you would prefer to go straight to the police station.
  • Do Not Use Force – It is against the law to use force to resist an arrest, even if the officer is arresting you without cause. Using force can result in a resisting arrest charge or possibly battery of a police officer. Your attorney can help if you are arrested without cause, but not if you resist forcefully.

The most important statement you can make to an arresting police officer is invoking your right to counsel. State that you will not answer their questions until you have an attorney present. It is your right to remain silent, and you have the right to an attorney – use it. Once you have invoked your rights, do not speak unless it is to answer basic information such as your name, address, date of birth, etc.

Invoke Your Right to Counsel – Contact The Law Offices of Timothy Armstrong, P.A.

Police are trained to coax out incriminating information. Whether you are being questioned or you have been arrested, do not give them more information than necessary. Instead, contact a criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Timothy Armstrong, P.A. Call 904-356-8618 or fill out an online contact form and an attorney will be in touch with you shortly.